MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

In 2015, the United Kingdom held a national championship in conjunction with the Republic of Ireland to determine who would represent them at the 2015 World Championship. Visit 2015 UK & Ireland Championship more details about the most recent national competition.

UK Championships[]

Year Winner Location
2015 UK & Ireland Championship Natalie Fitzsimons The View from the Shard, London
2009 UK Championship John Broomfield May Fair Hotel, London
2004 UK Championship Adrian Prince HMS Belfast, London
1999 England Championship Michael Grabsky ?
1999 UK Championship Jeff Collins ?
1999 Scotland Championship Marilyn Elliott ?
1995 UK Championship Michael Grabsky ?
1991 UK Championship Paul Anthony Cordy Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, London
1987 UK Championship Michael Grabsky ?
1984 UK Championship Jason Bunn ?
1983 UK Championship James Mallett ?
1980 UK Championship ? ?
1977 UK Championship ? Oldbury-on-Severn Power Station, South Gloucestershire
1975 UK Championship Ken Jones Fenchurch St. Station, London

If you know of additional UK tournaments (or for countries within the UK), please add information with a reference.