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2009 US Championship

Thirteen MONOPOLY US Championships have been held with a US representative selected in August 2015 through an online quiz and essay competition to compete at the 2015 World Championship.[1]

The US players with the most national victories are Dana Terman and Gary Peters, each the winner of two US Championships. Only two US players have won the World Championship, and each of those was before true international competition existed at the World Championship level. No American has won the World Championship since 1974, although Rick Marinaccio placed 3rd at the 2009 World Championship.

US MONOPOLY Championships[]

Year Winner Location
2015★ Brian Valentine, Washington, DC[2] Online Quiz & Essay Contest
2009 Richard Marinaccio, Buffalo, NY Washington, D.C.
2003 Matt McNally, Las Vegas, NV Chicago, IL - Atlantic City, NJ (on a train)
1999 Matt Gissel, St. Albans, VT Las Vegas, NV
1995 Roger Craig, Harrisburg, IL New York, NY
1991 Gary Peters, Boca Raton, FL New York City, NY
1987 Gary Peters, Boca Raton, FL Washington, D.C.
1984 Jim Forbes Los Angeles, CA
1982 Jerome Dausman, Olney, MD Washington, D.C.
1979 Dana Terman, Wheaton, MD New York City, NY
1977 Dana Terman, Wheaton, MD New York City, NY
1975 A.E. "Gus" Gostomelsky, Skokie, IL Atlantic City, NJ
1974 Alvin Aldridge, Dayton, OH New York, New York, USA
1973 Lee Bayrd, Los Angeles, CA Catskills, New York, USA

Dana Terman and Gary Peters are the only US players to win back-to-back titles. This likely is more difficult to achieve because the championships no longer occur on an annual basis, but closer to every six years at this point.

★ Brian was selected as the 2015 US representative through an online quiz and essay competition, not through a in-person tournament as all of the past US champions have been determined.

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