MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

Portugal held a 2015 Portugal Championship on May 23, 2015, in Lisbon. The competition was won by João David Ribeiro Pais Ferreira, who earned a free trip to the 2015 World Championship in Macau. To qualify for the 14 spots in the 2015 national championship, you had to earn points on an online app for the official Monopoly Facebook page for Portugal:

The Portugal Facebook page[1] listed the following tentative players as having qualified for the championship, but has not been verified as the final list:

  • Florent Barra
  • Paulo Renato Soares
  • Humberto Rodrigues
  • Ac Rúben Vieira
  • Joao Matos
  • Rafael Amoedo
  • Marta H. A. Silva
  • Rui Guedelha
  • Joao Bruno
  • Tomás Morais
  • António Santos
  • Daniel Amoroso Anjos
  • Cátia Pinheiro
  • Jorge Silva
  • Fernando Machado
  • Nuno Gonçalves