MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The Grove Monopoly Tournament is a local fundraiser tournament to benefit The Grove School in Redlands, CA. The 11th running of the tournament will be held on February 29, 2020.[1] The tournament is currently held inside the Grove School's Barton Schoolhouse in Redlands. The tournament is organized by Amber & Doug Claflin, and judged by Doug Claflin.

The tournament consists of two, 90-minute preliminary rounds, followed by a 90-minute 4-5 player final, with both senior and youth divisions. The senior division is primarily for adults 18 and older, but youth can opt to "play up" in the senior division if they choose to. Youth division is defined as open to kids in Grades 5-12. 

Each preliminary round, players earn points equivalent to the percentage of assets they held at their table at the end of the game or at the end of the 90 minute period, whichever came first. A player who bankrupted their whole table gets 100 points, a player who is bankrupted gets 0 points. Editor's Note: What was used in 2016? I remember we switched part way through the tournament. -- Kevin T

After both preliminary rounds, the four players with the highest points advance to a final round, where they will compete against the defending champion (if present). The combined asset total for both preliminary rounds is used as a tiebreaker for equal numbers of points. This final match is 90-minutes long, and prizes are awarded to the finalists.

Prior to the 2016 tournament, they instead used a player's combined asset total for both preliminary rounds as the determinant of which players would advance to the final.

Year Senior Division Winner Youth Division Winner
2008 ? ?
2009 ? ?
2010 Craig Way ?
2011 Joseph Subhani ?
2012 Robert Ellis Taylor Wells
2013 ? ?
2014 ? ?
2015 ? ?
2016 Craig Way ?
2018 Edward Beattie Paula
2020 TBD TBD