Gabe "The Hitman" Murgo was born on a Summer's eve in 1983 to Mr. and Mrs. Murgo. Thought he did not live in the Atlantic Gardens as a child, he wished he had. From a young age, Gabe found himself studying the probabilities of a 6 sided dice, memorizing the spaces between Baltic Ave. and St. James Place, and practicing the art of trading at the lunch room table, where he would often try and peddle his apple and crackers for a snack pack . His official training to become a Monopoly Master began when his dog, Marvin Gardens-Marvin for short(oddly reminiscent of the board game piece), passed away at the age of 8. He has since dedicated his life and total being to climbing to the top, taking his rightful spot on Boardwalk.

As a young prodigy, Gabe instilled very strenuous practices to keep his training in top form. He would do his laundry weekly, using an ironing board, and the game token iron to flatten his polo shirts and pants. It would take him hours to complete the task only using the quarter-inch space the iron provided, but it would only strengthen his focus to help bankrupt his opponents faster. When his friends would come over and play cars with him, he would only use his race car game piece. He said it helped his speed and accuracy with his space moving skills, especially when he rolled doubles. When his parents would make occasional stops at the local bank for deposits, he often demanded a $200 collection for an imposed "Bank Error" (he was later banned). He also became very skilled with the geography of his area, as his parents often relied on Gabe for his expert knowledge on the locations of the Free Parking spots in his city. However, Gabe did face obstacles later in his life that often confused the real world with the monopoly world. In 2003, as a fresh-faced 20 year old college student living in his first apartment outside his college campus, he had his first 'incident' with the utilities company. After having an owed balance of $425 after his first 4 months of residency, the company would soon shut off his Electric and Water. The amounts paid per month did not reflect the amounts owed. It was then learned Gabe was paying amounts strictly off a formula based around the roll of two dice multiplied by 10. Later that year, he encountered trouble with the police when he repainted his street sign "Kentucky Avenue" from the normal green color to bright red. He was arrested for defacing public property. As the Police approached Gabe to make the arrest, he reached into his pocket for his "Get Out of Jail" free card that he always carried in his wallet. The officers were under the suspicion Gabe was attempting to pull out a weapon, so they assaulted him with their billyclubs.