MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

Thirteen Canada MONOPOLY Championships have been held with the most recent in May 2015 in Toronto.

The Canada players with the most national victories is David Brooks, with three titles, all of which were consecutive. There are two Canadians with two Canada championship victories, Greg Henkel and Bill Bartel. The first Canadian champion was Susan Touchbourne.

Canada National Championships[]

Year Winner Location
2015 Andrea Cameron, Holland Landing, ON Toronto, ON
2009 Will Lusby, Ottawa, ON Montreal, QC
2004 Leon Vandedooren, Edmonton, AB Toronto, ON
2000 Bill Bartel. Winnipeg, MB ?
1995 Bill Bartel. Winnipeg, MB ?
1992 Jay Bleweiss, Toronto, ON ?
1988 Cara Buffett, North Sydney, NS ?
1985 David Brooks, Concord, ON ?
1983 David Brooks, Concord, ON ?
1980 David Brooks, Concord, ON ?
1977 Greg Henkel, Winnipeg, MB ?
1976 Greg Henkel, Winnipeg, MB ?
1975 Susan Touchbourne, Toronto, ON Toronto ON