MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

Bjørn is the 2009 World Champion. At the time of his victory, he was the youngest MONOPOLY World Champion in history. At the 2015 World Championship in Macau, when defending his title, he placed 2nd overall, losing to Nicolò Falcone.

From the 2009 World Championship Press Kit:

"Bjørn's strategy is to quietly analyze his opponent's situation during tournament play. His token of choice is the iron as it is small and easy to move. In preparation for the 2009 World Championship, Bjørn has been playing against different players and studying MONOPOOLY tactics."

From the 2015 World Championship Press Kit: 

Bjørn (25 years old) is the reigning world champion. Bjørn has been playing MONOPOLY for 20 years. He owns 5 game boards, his favorite being the speed dice. Bjørn loves everything about MONOPOLY. To win the game, Bjørn plans to be the initiator, benefitting from first mover advantage — that is, doing things before everyone else catches on. His favorite aspect of playing MONOPOLY is the thrill of rolling the dice when facing potential high rents and the excitement that follows when opponents’ land on your hotels.