The 9th Annual Peachtree City Tournament was held on April 22, 2017 at Los Mariachis restaurant in Peachtree City, Georgia. The tournament started with two 75-minute qualifying rounds. You had to win one of your two matches (by bankruptcy or by having the most assets) in the qualifying rounds to advance to the quarterfinals. From there forward, the winner of each table advanced to the semi-finals, and then again to the finals. All matches were 75 minutes long, and no player played the same player twice in the qualifying rounds. Some qualifying tables had matches of 3 players and some had 4 players. If a player won both of their qualifying round matches, they had the option to award a spot in the quarterfinals to another player since they would have earned two of the 64 spots.

Brian West of Dacula, Georgia, a twice-previous Peachtree City champion, was the champion of the approximately 128 player field. His prize was $100. Matt Griffin of Tyrone, Georgia, finished in 2nd place and received $50. 3rd (Osman Faruqi of Fairburn, Georgia) and 4th place (Melvin Respress of Chicago, Illinois) both received $25.

Notable players who had competed at the national level or higher included 2015 US Representative Brian Valentine, Ken Koury, and John Meyer.

Recap of the Final MatchEdit

Tournament Organizer Eric Imker wrote up the following about the final match: "The finals started off routinely with properties being snatched up and eventually trades being made. Three of the players obtained monopolies which they started improving with houses hoping other players would land on requiring higher rent. With about 30 minutes to go in the championship game Matt Griffin was having bad luck constantly landing on opponents’ properties, paying rent, mortgaging all but Water Works and having only $2 cash on hand. A picture of Matt was amusingly taken with him holding up his deed and $2 with everyone in the room expecting him to be the first player eliminated coming in fourth place. However, Matt’s luck started to turn and he began missing others’ properties, passing GO and accumulating some money for a comeback.

"Brian West was having the most luck with the other players landing on his improved properties and gaining a lead he was able to maintain with several lucky rolls of the dice at the end of the game. Matt Griffin, still hanging on, passed the former second and third place players who were paying Brian West rents enabling Matt to finish just ahead in second place. This was one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of the tournament."

All Players & Final PlacesEdit

The full list of players and their results was provided by the tournament organizer, Eric Imker.

Player Name Final Place
Brian West 1 - Champion
Matt Griffin 2 - Finalist
Osman Faruqi 3 - Finalist
Melvin Respress 4 - Finalist
Daniel Bruguez 5 - Semi-Finalist
Pete Gourlay 5 - Semi-Finalist
Ryan Hartman 5 - Semi-Finalist
McKay Moore 5 - Semi-Finalist
Richard Quebral 5 - Semi-Finalist
Josiah Renz 5 - Semi-Finalist
Amanda Robinson 5 - Semi-Finalist
Sarah Toussaint 5 - Semi-Finalist
Brian Valentine 5 - Semi-Finalist
Myron Valentine 5 - Semi-Finalist
Noah Vinson 5 - Semi-Finalist
Jim West 5 - Semi-Finalist
McDaniel Austin 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ashley Baldwin 17 - Quarter-Finalist
James Baldwin 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Elliot Bradley 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Lauren Bradley 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Michael Bradley 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Nicholas Bradley 17 - Quarter-Finalist
John Carter 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Joey Cook 17 - Quarter-Finalist
James Crowe 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Juli Doshan 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ann Drake 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Greg Drake 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Harrison Drake 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Alasdair Gourlay 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Spencer Graham 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Brent Huang 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Trey Janes 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Nolan Jeter 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Philip Jones 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Patrick Kelly 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ken Koury 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Cecil Lampkins 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Chris Lampkins 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Bill Lockard 17 - Quarter-Finalist
John Meyer 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Jacob Nails 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Giselle Nuñez 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Cameron O'Connor 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Corry Ostmeier 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Betty Parker 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Terrie Promis 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Paula Respress 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Lew Robinson 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Robert Selby 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Anik Singh 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Tej Singh 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Elijah Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Larry Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Kevin Tostado 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Brian Toussaint 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Donetta Toussaint 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Sam Triplett 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Aaron Valentine 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Chris Valentine 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Zachary Vinson 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Aaron Wright 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Jeanne Aparis 65
Sos Aparis 65
Joni Appel 65
Catherine Averill 65
James Baldwin 65
Blair Barteski 65
Ron Barteski 65
Josiah Britt 65
Kaylee Britt 65
Borato Broughton 65
John Brown Jr 65
Christian Chaffin 65
Brandon Danzig 65
Bryce Dawson 65
Sarah Grace Drake 65
Faye Evans 65
Kelly Faris 65
Paula Harvey 65
Brent Huang 65
Tina Hurst 65
Rachel Janes 65
Philip Jones 65
Sheila Jones 65
Patrick Kelly 65
Jonathan Knox 65
Joyce Knox 65
Yoko Koury 65
Taylor Lawrence 65
Jon LeBoutillier 65
Arik Li 65
Randall Markham 65
Bobby Mcdougle 65
Janet McIntire 65
Adam Moore 65
Michael Norton 65
Rob Norton 65
Yoseiris Nuñez 65
Jonny O'Connor 65
Christian Pacheco 65
Harlan Parker 65
Jada Peterson 65
Jennifer Pfender 65
Julie Pfender 65
Amanda Poliak 65
Dau Poliak (1)* 65
Dau Poliak (2)* 65
Mr. Poliak* 65
Kelly Rogers 65
Chick Rosshirt 65
Roderick Sellers 65
Ethan Silverberg 65
Mark Silverberg 65
Aaron Smiley 65
Paul Triplett 65
Terri Triplett 65
Bill Trivett 65
Chris Valentine 65
LaVerne VanZant 65
James Wang 65
Russell Warren 65
Stefan Welch 65
Ross Wesely 65
Jimmy West 65
Valerie Wilson 65
James Woodfin 65
Sandra Woods 65
Rocky Xu 65

Quarterfinals BracketEdit

Shading indicates different tables. Bolded names are the winner of that table.

Show/Hide Quarterfinals Bracket

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
John Carter Noah Vinson Matt Griffin
Noah Vinson
Lew Robinson
Giselle Nuñez
Michael Bradley Myron Valentine
Greg Drake
Myron Valentine
Elijah Smith*
Cecil Lampkins Matt Griffin
Ann Drake
Sam Triplett
Matt Griffin
Ryan Hartman Ryan Hartman
Tej Singh
Paula Respress
Juli Doshan
Brian Toussaint Brian Valentine Brian West
Brian Valentine
Bill Lockard
James Crowe
Nicholas Bradley Richard Quebral
Spencer Graham
Philip Jones
Richard Quebral
Anik Singh Pete Gourlay
Pete Gourlay
Robert Selby
Cameron O'Connor
Brian West Brian West
Aaron Wright
McDaniel Austin
Ashley Baldwin
Kevin Tostado Amanda Robinson Osman Faruqi
Joey Cook
Amanda Robinson
Alasdair Gourlay
Trey Janes Daniel Bruguez
Jacob Nails
Donetta Toussaint
Daniel Bruguez
Betty Parker Jim West
Jim West
Nolan Jeter
Terrie Promis
Lauren Bradley Osman Faruqi
Corry Ostmeier
Osman Faruqi
Aaron Valentine
Elliot Bradley McKay Moore Melvin Respress
Ken Koury
Zachary Vinson
McKay Moore
Harrison Drake Sarah Toussaint
Sarah Toussaint
James Baldwin
Chris Lampkins
Melvin Respress Melvin Respress
Larry Smith
John Meyer
Brent Huang Josiah Renz
Josiah Renz
Chris Valentine
Patrick Kelly