The 8th Annual Peachtree City Tournament was held on April 16, 2016 at Partners II Pizza restaurant in Peachtree City, Georgia. The tournament started with 32 tables playing two 75-minute qualifying rounds. You had to win one of your two matches (by bankruptcy or by having the most assets) in the qualifying rounds to advance to the quarterfinals. From there forward, the winner of each table advanced to the semi-finals, and then again to the finals. All matches were 75 minutes long. Some qualifying tables had matches of 3 players and some had 4 players. If a player won both of their qualifying round matches, they had the option to award a spot in the quarterfinals to another player since they would have earned two of the 64 spots.

19 year-old Rocky Xu of Peachtree City was the champion of approximately 75 player field. His prize was $100. 2nd place received $50, and 3rd and 4th place both received $25. A total of over $1900 in various prizes were given away over the course of the tournament.

The tournament hosted players from New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, and 25 different cities across Georgia. The average age of contestants was 32 years old. Some were serious enthusiasts while most came out for fun, socializing and a chance to win one of the 24 door prizes valued at over $1,100 in the first round.

Eric Imker, the organizer, provided this recap of the championship match: "Carol Allessio had the only monopoly after all properties were sold but it was the Mediterranean and Baltic group -- the least expensive group -- but it was enough to put her into the lead since the other players did not have monopolies. Rocky Xu had been trying to make a trade for most the game arguing that Carol was going to win if others didn’t make a trade with him. With about 20 minutes to go in the game, James Crowe finally made a trade with Rocky he thought would give him the best chance to overtake Carol. The next few rolls of the dice proved to be lucky for Rocky as opponents quickly landed on monopolies he had just traded for and built houses on. It was one of the most exciting finishes in the tournament’s history."

All Players & Final PlacesEdit

The full list of players and their results was provided by the tournament organizer, Eric Imker.

Player Name Final Place
Rocky Xu 1 - Champion
Carol Allessio 2 - Finalist
James Crowe 3 - Finalist
Carter Lau 4 - Finalist
Amanda Allen 5 - Semi-Finalist
Joseph Blair 5 - Semi-Finalist
Carla Brady 5 - Semi-Finalist
Mike Brady 5 - Semi-Finalist
Jacob Cackett 5 - Semi-Finalist
Joey Cook 5 - Semi-Finalist
Matt Griffin 5 - Semi-Finalist
Nolan Jeter 5 - Semi-Finalist
Bryce Rawson 5 - Semi-Finalist
Brian West 5 - Semi-Finalist
Andrew Wyatt 5 - Semi-Finalist
Michele Yother 5 - Semi-Finalist
Catherine Averill 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Zachery Averill 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ava Beerman 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ray Beerman 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Borato Broughton 17 - Quarter-Finalist
John Brown 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Daniel Bruguez 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Adam Colvin 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Mike Credidio 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Osman Faruqi 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Amanda Finney 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Joe Graham 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Spencer Graham 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Rebecca Griffin 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Lisa Hansen 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Matthew Hansen 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ed Hoggs 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Heather Howell 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Trey Janes 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Philip Jones 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ava Kaiser 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Steve Kaiser 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Patrick Kelly 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Colby Lau 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Sammy McGurl 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Jacob Nails 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Tori Nails 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Rob Norton 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Erik Powery 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Reggie Root 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Marc Silverberg 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Alan Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Ashley Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Connor Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Tara Smith 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Zach Stellman 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Brian Toussaint 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Donetta Toussaint 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Sarah Toussaint 17 - Quarter-Finalist
LaVerne VanZant 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Zachary Vinson 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Eric West 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Jim West 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Jimmy West 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Aaron Wright 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Grant Yoher 17 - Quarter-Finalist
Nancy Gerson 65
Christianne Hoggs 65
Rachel Janes 65
Kim Learnard 65
Michael Norton 65
Yoseiris Nunez 65
Bill Posey 65
Debbie Posey 65
Ethan Silverberg 65
Dolye Smith 65
Russell Warren 65
Christina Yother 65
Ebrahim Zakaria 65

Shading indicates different tables. Bolded names are the winner of that table.

Show/Hide Quarterfinals Bracket

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
John Brown Carla Brady Rocky Xu
Rob Norton
Carla Brady
Zachery Averill
Rocky Xu Rocky Xu
Brian Toussaint
Ed Hoggs
Jimmy West
Aaron Wright Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt
Trey Janes
Eric West Bryce Rawson
Ava Kaiser
Reggie Root
Bryce Rawson
Borato Broughton Nolan Jeter Carter Lau
Nolan Jeter
Heather Howell
Jacob Nails
Rebecca Griffin Mike Brady
Philip Jones
Mike Brady
Zachary Vinson
Mike Credidio Carter Lau
Carter Lau
Osman Faruqi
Matthew Hansen
Alan Smith Joey Cook
Joey Cook
Catherine Averill
Lisa Hansen
Jim West Jacob Cackett Carol Allessio
Erik Powery
Connor Smith
Jacob Cackett
Marc Silverberg Amanda Allen
Amanda Finney
Amanda Allen
Tara Smith
Donetta Toussaint Matt Griffin
Ava Beerman
Matt Griffin
Joe Graham
Noah Vinson Carol Allessio
Carol Allessio
Ray Beerman
Grant Yother
Michele Yother Michele Yother James Crowe
Ashley Smith
Steve Kaiser
Sarah Toussaint
Zach Stellman Joseph Blair
Joseph Blair
Daniel Bruguez
Spencer Graham
Tori Nails James Crowe
Colby Lau
James Crowe
Adam Colvin
Brian West Brian West
Sammy McGurl
Patrick Kelly
Laverne VanZant