MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

Instead of a traditional in-person tournament, the 2015 US MONOPOLY Championship was an online quiz and essay competition to determine a representative who will compete at the 2015 World Championship September 7-9, 2015 in Macau. The entrant selected to represent the US was Brian Valentine of Washington, D.C.[1]

Between August 3rd and August 6th, players could take a 20-question online quiz with questions randomly selected from a 60 question pool, and submitted a 100-word essay on their strategy on how to win a MONOPOLY Classic edition tournament. Only US citizens 18 or older were eligible to enter.

Brian's winning 100-word strategy was:

Deal fast, aim for 100 percent success: bankrupting all opponents. Acquire property strategically via direct purchase or auction (or by trading if in a later start position). Be open and approachable to trading. Trade to create color groups. Make myself a necessary piece of others' trade talks. Be aware of my cash flow to make immediate and debilitating impact on my opponents through rapid construction. Understand my opponents' location on the board and their cash and property values. Be aware of implications of dice rolls and expected values to assist in color group selection and development.