Deutsche MONOPOLY Meisterschaft Teilnehmer
The 2015 Germany MONOPOLY Championship took place June 28, 2015 at Friedrichshainer Umspannwerk in Berlin. To qualify, you had to compete and win one of 20 regionals taking place during the month of May. In total, 24 finalists competed which included the 20 regional champions plus four invited players, including defending German champions Hans-Georg Schellinger, Hans-Günther Meyer and Klaus Armbrüster.

Ita Hoffman, 25 years old, of Gropiusstadt, Berlin defeated the field of competitors, and received a trip to the 2015 World Championship in Macau in September.[1] She is the first woman to win Germany's MONOPOLY Championship.

Kay Kuchelmeister of Reutlingen finished in 2nd place.[2] The other two finalists were Hans-Günther Meyer and Klaus Armbrüster.[3]  The youngest participant this year's national championship was 14-year-old Daniel Bechtum from Baden-Württemberg. Also participating was Reiner Sietas, 56 years old.

Regionals were held inside McDonalds restaurants throughout the country, but registration was limited to 16 participants per regional. Details are on the website: Based on a translation of the tournament rules, it appears that each regional consisted of a preliminary round and a final round. The winner of the final round was then invited to compete in the national championship in Berlin.

Date Location Winner
May 11 Rostock ?
May 11 Muenster ?
May 11 Cottbus ?
May 12 Hamburg ?
May 12 Kassel ?
May 12 Eislingen ?
May 13 Oldenburg ?
May 13 Freiburg ?
May 13 Dresden ?
May 18 Aachen ?
May 18 Nürnberg ?
May 19 Erfurt ?
May 19 Neubrandenburg ?
May 19 Saabrücken ?
May 20 Dannenberg ?
May 20 Magdeburg ?
May 20 Heidelberg ?
May 21 Unterhaching ?
May 21 Berlin ?
May 21 Frankfurt am Main ?