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2009 World Championship

The thirteenth MONOPOLY World Championship took place October 20-22, 2009 in a ballroom at the Caesars Palace resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Forty-one competitors from around the world took part, and 19-year-old Norwegian Bjørn Halvard Knappskog won the championship.[1] His prize was $20,580, the amount of money that now comes in a set of Monpooly (previously $15,140).

There were three 90-minute preliminary rounds. After those rounds were completed, the 16 players with the highest number of points advanced to the semi-final round; combined asset value was a tie-breaker for those with equal points. The semi-final round was a winner-take-all format, and the winners of the 4 semi-final tables then played in an untimed final match.

This world championship was the first tournament at the world level to use the Speed Die as a mandatory part of the game. As a result, the Final Game was the fastest world championship final game on record, finishing in approximately 42 minutes. The final match from 2009 can be watched in its entirety as a bonus feature on the Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story DVD and Blu-ray.

In addition to the film crew for Under the Boardwalk on hand documenting the tournament, the Semi-Finals and Finals were also live-streamed on, now known as ESPN3. Members of the public were welcome to come in and watch the tournament from behind stanchions, or in the bleachers at the edge of the floor.

Players in order of Finish[]

Place Name Country Age
1 - World Champion Bjørn Halvard Knappskog Norway 19
2 - Finalist Geoff Christopher New Zealand 25
3 - Finalist Richard Marinaccio USA 26
4 - Finalist Oleg Korostelev Russia 24
5* - Semifinalist Hans-Georg Schellinger Germany
6 - Semifinalist Will Lusby Canada
7 - Semifinalist Martin Junghanns Switzerland
8 - Semifinalist Dainius Griesius Lithuania
9 - Semifinalist Jan Zoder Czech Republic
10 - Semifinalist Sandis Krasts Latvia
11 - Semifinalist Tonči Restović Croatia
12 - Semifinalist Leon Hechtman Australia
13 - Semifinalist Antonio Zafra Fernandez Defending Champion (2004) from Spain
14 - Semifinalist Günther Vavra Austria
15 - Semifinalist Jan Martin Ibsen Denmark
16 - Semifinalist Tim Wentel The Netherlands
17 Piotr Sadowski Poland
18 Aare Klooster Estonia
19 Luet-kan Lucan Lee Hong Kong
20 Luiz Henrique Baliani Brazil
21 Ángel Niccodemi Diaz Chile
22 Fay Whistler
23 Bert Jacobs Belgium
24 Henrik Petersson Sweden
25 Ioannis Proios Greece
26 He Ya China
27 József Márkus Hungary
28 Pao-Yin Lu Taiwan
29 Kateryna Gryniuk Ukraine
30 Takahiro Ishii Japan
31 Louis Palligiano France
32 Selçuk Çağlar Turkey
33 John Broomfield United Kingdom
34 Frederico Camara Portugal
35 Patrick Wee Singapore
36 Mikael Salin Finland
36 Yossi Rosenberg Israel
36 Giulio Morini Italy
36 Juan Carlos Larios Arreola Mexico
36 Ana Kramar Serbia
36 Barbora Horváthová Slovakia
* Places for 5-16 were determined using combined Asset Total from the 3 preliminary rounds. []