• The 2009 Mexico Championship venue in Acapulco
  • Champion Juan Carlos celebrating his victory
  • Several finalists relaxing in the pool during their all-expenses paid weekend
In 2009, Mexico held their national championship in Acapulco, Mexico. Juan Carlos Larios Arreola was the winner, and won a trip to compete at the 2009 World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Players qualified for the national championship by first completing a series of Monopoly-related minigames on a website during a several week period. The 8 players with the highest cumulative point total won a trip for them and a guest to "vivo como un millonario" at an all expenses-paid weekend at a resort in Acapulco. On the final day of their weekend, the 8 players competed in a 2-round final that constituted the Mexican championship for 2009. Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story director Kevin Tostado shared this first hand account of his observations of the games:

Early in the first match, Jose Macedo rolled triples. Since he already had Boardwalk, he went to Park Place, bought it and immediately put up three houses. None of the other players had a monopoly yet, so I correctly assumed he would go on to win that match.
In the other simultaneous game, Juan Carlos had three monopolies early, but for some unknown reason, he had hotels on the Browns, but took forever to build up the Reds. He then traded the Greens away to Sergio and go the complementary properties for the Light Blue, Yellow, and Orange groups. This effectively won him the game as Sergio didn't have enough capital to build up the Greens effectively. Sergio not having enough capital surprised me as he only had three properties purchased halfway through the game; where did his money go?
In the final round, there was no clear frontrunner other than the fact that Jose Macedo had a rainbow of properties early. Eventually, Juan Carlos built up the Yellows and had two players land on him in consecutive turns, one with a Mr. Monopoly for a double hit on his hotels, which bankrupted Daniel.
Even though Daniel had three houses on the Greens, people went to jail a lot or got cards skipping them past his Greens and he never had anyone land on them. Daniel was the first out, followed about ten minutes later by Jorge. Within two turns of Jorge going out, Jose landed on Juan Carlos and the game was over.
One very surprising rule interpretation that they used in this championship was that if you landed on the Just Visiting space, you could "elect" to put yourself in jail, which was allowed by the Judges. Clearly this is not an official rule of the game and may have affected the eventual outcome for several players because of the way the Speed Die affects play.