MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The twelfth MONOPOLY World Championship took place October 8 & 9, 2004 in the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan.  Antonio Zafra Fernandez of Spain was the champion, defeating a field of 39 from 38 countries including defending champion Yutaka Okada. His prize was $15,140, the amount of money then included in a game of MONOPOLY. The tournament consisted of three preliminary rounds on October 8th, followed a final round on October 9th.  Zafra Fernandez won with a natural monopoly on the Oranges in the Final Game.

The tournament was originally going to be held in Hong Kong, but was reportedly moved due to fears of SARS.

Players competing in order of finish

Place Name Country
1st - Champion Antonio Zafra Fernandez, 36 year old lab technician from Madrid Spain
2nd - Final Table Bjorn Andenaes, mutual fund manager[1] Norway
3rd - Final Table Bartlomiej Korczak, 21 years old from Tarnow Poland
4th - Final Table Anthony Redmond, 36 year old civil servant[2] from Dublin Ireland
5th Leon Vandendooren Canada
6th Mindaugas Ganusauskas Lithuania
7th Ognjen Livada Croatia
8th Hans-Georg Schellinger Germany
9th Georges Leuck Luxembourg
10th Ho King Fair Hong Kong
11th Tha Phopol Belgium
11th Ivo Capins Latvia
11th Vitor Manuel Simoes Candido Portugal
14th Sung-Ho Kang South Korea
14th Andyputra Zachardyutama Bin Muhamed Kaddyran Malaysia
16th Bernd Laimer Austria
16th Moises Oliveira Bezerra Brazil
16th Adrian Prince United Kingdom
16th Mariona Suinaga Mexico
16th Annie Lodato France
21st Erik Mashkilleyson Finland
22nd Matt McNally USA
23rd Tamas Revesz Hungary
24th Andrew Dimock New Zealand
24th Omer Sumer Turkey
26th Leon Hechtman Australia
27th Maria Panagou Greece
27th Mario Morales Guatemala
27th Arun Kumar India
27th Johan Christiaan Hulsman The Netherlands
27th Maung Thu Ya Pyine Singapore
27th Tine Oblak Slovenia
27th Chuang Chiung Chi Taiwan
34th Peter Broennimann Switzerland
35th Darya Laane Ukraine
36th Mattias Bjorklund Sweden
37th Mikihiro Ueda Japan
38th Yutaka Okada, Defending Champion (2000) Japan
39th Joosep Simm Estonia