Mr Monopoly with 2003 US Champ Matt McNally

The twelfth US MONOPOLY Championship was held in 2003. Players boarded an Amtrak wrapped in MONOPOLY iconography in Chicago, and played games while the train traveled through cities such as Washington, D.C, eventually ending up in Atlantic City, NJ, where the final game was held. Matt McNally, then a 23 year old from southern California, bested the field of 48 competitors. Matt's prize for winning the US Championship was $15,140 - the amount of money then included in the game's bank. He also won a trip to the 2004 World Championship in Tokyo.

An online qualifying quiz was used to determine who would play in the US Championship. It is believed that the first 48 to get 80% of your questions on the quiz correct were the ones invited to the tournament. This might account for the reason why there are so many family members who participated in this US Championship as opposed to other years. This tournament also marked the first time in many years in which state champions were not determined and local tournaments not used as potential qualifiers for the US Championship.

2003 US Championship Players[edit | edit source]

Place Name
1 - Champion Matt McNally
2 - Final Table Deanna Vest
3 - Final Table Ken Koury
4 - Final Table Richard Ridgeway

Other Competitors

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