MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The eleventh MONOPOLY World Championship took place October 21-23, 2000 at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yutaka Okada of Japan was the champion, over a field of players from 38 countries.[1] This marked Japan's second world champion, a feat only matched by the USA. The prize was $15,140, the amount of money then included in a set of Monopoly. Players ranged in age from 11 to 53.[2]

The opening round was limited to three 90-minute preliminary rounds held on Saturday, the 21st, and Sunday, the 22nd. The four top scorers from the opening round advanced to the untimed final on the morning of Monday, the 23rd.[3]

Place Name Country Age (as of 2000 WC)
World Champion

1st Place

Yutaka Okada Japan 41
2nd (Finalist) Hans-Günther Meyer Germany
3rd (Finalist) Stevan Chu Chun Hin Hong Kong
4th (Finalist) Tamas Bukovsky Hungary
5th (Finalist) Marilyn Elliott Scotland 46
6th Beat Looser Switzerland
7th Yuriy Chernobriverts Ukraine
8th Mislav Cupek Croatia
9th Miha Cajnko Slovenia
10th Matt Gissel USA 21[4]
11th Timothy Hawes Australia
12th Jimmy Reus The Netherlands
13th Jeff Collins United Kingdom 40
14th Teoh Kah Yong Malaysia
15th Ekundayo O'Badmus Ireland 37
16th Bert Jacobs Belgium
17th Uzi Cohen Israel
18th Adrian Wilson Jamaica
19th Abigail Nicholas Trinidad & Tobago 14
20th Markas Rakaukas Lithuania
21st Marek Bursztyka Poland
22nd Manfred Werlein Austria
23rd Stephanie Torres Puerto Rico
24th Liem Herman Widjaja Indonesia 26
25th Christophe Berthier France

Christopher Woo

Defending Champion (1996)

Hong Kong 40
27th Kristaps Sprogis Latvia
28th Michael Grabsky England 41
29th Marius George Banut Romania
30th Bill Bartel Canada
31st Alejandro Martinez Spain 53
32nd Alison Clarke Barbados
33rd Romeu Ferreira Portugal
34th Alex Faber Luxembourg
35th Stavros Pitsiniagas Greece
36th Herbert Urbanec Czech Republic
37th Marcio Spirlandeli Brazil
38th Pang Chee Keong Singapore
39th Andreas Sipsakas Estonia

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