Matt Gissel, 1999 US Monopoly Champion

The eleventh US MONOPOLY Championship was held in October 1999 at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Gissel, 20, from Vermont, won the tournament, as well as a trip to the 2000 World Championship in Toronto.

50 players from 49 states competed. Defending champion Roger Craig was given an automatic entry into the tournament. Oklahoma was the only state without a representative at this tournament.

State Representative
Alabama Rick Roberson
Alaska Molly Mahurin - 2nd Place
Arizona Earl Goodman
Arkansas Sherri Aloi
California Audrey Parsons
Colorado James Hulsey
Connecticut Jackie Macala
Delaware Barry Jones, Jr.
Florida Dennis Gordon
Georgia Annette Humphrey
Hawaii David Mortensen
Idaho Robert Anderst

Roger Craig, Defending Champion (1995)

Duane Lambert

Indiana Linda Barrett
Iowa Dave Rasdal
Kansas Susan Myers
Kentucky Patrick Thompson
Louisiana Brandt Temple
Maine Nick Fox
Maryland Murray Rosenfeld - 3rd Place
Massachusetts Janet Logan
Michigan Ray Barnes
Minnesota Terry Kroeten
Mississippi Raymond Brooks
Missouri Larry Friedrich
Montana Carina Beneventi
Nebraska Curtis Olson
Nevada Jarrod Tennell
New Hampshire Chris Arnold
New Jersey Gary Peters
New Mexico Thomas Almond-Hohner
New York Jason Blumenberg
North Carolina Gary Cor
North Dakota Nicholas Schlueter
Ohio Eric Yarina
Oklahoma None
Oregon Brad Vest
Pennsylvania Henry Werda
Rhode Island Chris Pichette - 4th Place
South Carolina Scott Ellis
South Dakota Kevin Sigl
Tennessee Ankur Jain
Texas Sherry Merfish
Utah Bryan Miller
Vermont Matt Gissel - US Champion
Virginia Marsha Miller
Washington John Julian
Washington, D.C. None
West Virginia Richard Ridgeway
Wisconsin Michael Allman
Wyoming Becky Isaack

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