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The seventh MONOPOLY World Championship took place September 23-25, 1985. The four preliminary rounds where held in Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria Hotel and the final round was held on the third day at the Palace Theatre in the Claridge Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.  Jason Bunn of the United Kingdom was the champion. His prize for winning was a golden anniversary edition of the game with $15,140 in real cash in place of the Monopoly money. $15,140 was then the amount of money then contained in a game of Monopoly. The other four finalists each received silver medals and $1,000.

20 players came from 19 countries. They played with a 90-minute time limit on at least the preliminary games. The final game was completed in 1 3/4 hours. The tournament director that year was Chris Campbell.

Participating Players[]

  • Jason Bunn, United Kingdom - World Champion - Age 25 from West Yorkshire
  • Greg Jacobs, Australia, Defending Champion (1983) - 2nd Place (Finalist)
  • ?, Austria - 4th Place (Finalist)
  • Jim Forbes, USA - 7th Place
  • David Brooks, Canada
  • Ross Barlow, Cayman Islands - 10th Place - Ross was the youngest competitor, 9 years old at the time.
  • ?, France
  • Pankaj Kumar Kapoor, Kuwait
  • ?, Peru - 3rd Place (Finalist)
  • Craig Porter, New Zealand - From Te Puke, NZ
  • ?, Singapore
  • Klaus Armbrüster, West Germany - 6th Place
  • Yoshinobu Minami, Japan - 5th Place (Finalist)

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