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The sixth US MONOPOLY Championship was held in November 1982 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Jerome Dausman won the tournament over a field of 50 state champions plus DC, 4 regional champions and the defending champion, Dana Terman. His prize was a silver medal and a trip to the 1983 World Championship. Two preliminary rounds were held to determine the four finalists who would compete against Terman.

From an account by CA rep Michael Hudson: "Terman, survived a 30-minute span when he was the only player without a monopoly, and Dausman, hung in with just the oft-derided Mediterranean-Baltic combination and not much else. Dausman, an accounting firm executive, finally broke Terman at about the 2 hour mark."

Participating Players (Non-State Champs)[]

Region Winner
Defending Champion (1979) Dana Terman - US Champion (1977, 1979) - 2nd Place
US Midwest Region
US South Region
US East Region
US West Region

State Champions as determined in 1982[]

State Representative
Alabama Elizabeth Harbin
Alaska Steve Thomas, age 26 - Final Table[1]
Arizona Terence Ingram
Arkansas Julie Lea
California Michael Hudson, 11th Place[1]
Colorado Guy McGill
Connecticut Raymond Garrison
Delaware Troy Dunn
Florida Bonnie Cavanaugh, age 17, from Bushnell - Final Table[1]
Georgia Davis Rosenberg
Hawaii Dean Sakamoto
Idaho James Manske
Illinois Judy Pletkovich
Indiana Charles Mesterharm
Iowa Steven Wilson
Kansas Robert Sampson
Kentucky Darryl Holland
Louisiana Ernest Thomas
Maine Susan Wahlstrom
Maryland Saundra Downing

Dana Terman - US Champion (1977, 1979)

Massachusetts Murray Bob
Michigan Sharon Gutman
Minnesota Terry Stone
Mississippi William Clay Caldwell
Missouri None
Montana Rob Wooster
Nebraska Brad Rowan
New Hampshire
New Jersey Dwayne McLean age 17
New Mexico Stephanie Hue
New York Angelo Repole, age 13[1]
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio [[Tracy Howard]], age 12
Rhode Island Claudia Cartagena, age 10[1]
South Carolina
South Dakota

Darin Porter, age 15, from Sioux Falls - Final Table[1]

Darin had the highest score going into the finals.

Utah ? Female[1] Kathleen J Smith
Vermont Donald Peet
Washington, D.C. Jerome Dausman, age 29 - US Champion[1][2][3]
West Virginia

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