The fourth MONOPOLY World Championship took place October 24 & 25, 1977 at Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This was the first World Championship held outside the United States. Cheng Seng Kwa of Singapore was the champion, beating a field of 20 players from 19 countries. According to Sports Illustrated, there were 5000 worldwide participants trying to win the world championship. The prize was $5,000 and a silver tray that would be engraved with the champion's name.[1][2]

There were four preliminary round-robin matches; points were awarded in the preliminary games on a 5-4-3-2 ranking from first to last. The five players with the highest point total made it to the final match.

The final match took 2 hours to play and included a 33-minute trade to break up a stalemate from no player having a full monopoly. The trade resulted in Singapore getting the Yellow, Britain getting the greens, West Germany the oranges, and Ireland the dark blues. Italy didn't get a monopoly out of the trade and was first to go bankrupt.[3]

Participating Players[edit | edit source]

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