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The fourth MONOPOLY US Championship took place October 8, 1977 at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, NY, USA. Dana Terman won the championship, besting defending champion Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky, as well as Lee Bayrd, Steven Gunn, and John Buffa. As the winner, Dana received a clock that locks like a Monopoly board, and his name flashed every U minutes in Times Square for a week. He also won a free trip to Monte Carlo for the 1977 World Championship on October 25, 2017.[1]

The match lasted 73 minutes. Terman won when Buffa drew the "Advance to Boardwalk" card and landed on Terman's hotel. Laura Calhoun, vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank, worked a sixth day and acted as banker.[2]

The Midwest Regional was held in Chicago, IL in July 1977.

Participating Players[]

Region Name Place Hometown Age Occupation
Defending Champion (1975) Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky[1] 5th Place[2] Illinois 41 CPA for Tractor Supply Co.
US South Region John Buffa 2nd Place[3] Houston, Texas 23
US Midwest Region Steven Gunn 3rd or 4th Place[2] 21
US East Region Dana Terman

[1] - US Champion

1st Place Washington, D.C. 21 Assistant manager at restaurant
US West Region Lee Bayrd[1] (also the 1973 World Champion) 3rd or 4th Place[2] Los Angeles, California 43

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