MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The third MONOPOLY World Championship took place on November 23, 1975 at Loews L'Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C., USA.[1] This was the first true World Championship as it was the first tournament that included multiple competitors from outside the United States. John Mair from Ireland was the champion.[2] The prize was the Charles Darrow Cup. [3] There were 15 players representing 12 Western Europe countries, USA, & Canada.

Place Name Country Age Occupation
1 John Mair Dublin, Ireland 26 Banker
2 Roger Henderick[4] Ghent, Belgium 26 Radio Station Publicist
3 Cata Wallo Oslo, Norway 26 Fisherman
4 Ken Jones Bolton, England 27 Local government official

Other Participating Players - Unknown Finish[]

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