The third MONOPOLY US Championship took place November 22, 1975 in Atlantic City, NJ, USA. Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky won the championship, besting 3 other players.  For winning, he received a clock with a Monopoly board face and a seat in the 1975 World Championship that would take place the next day in Washington, D.C.

Participating Players Edit

Place Name Hometown Age Occupation

Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky

(later became the 1975 World Champion)

Skokie, Illinois 39 Accountant
2 Roger Compton[1] Ohio Teacher
3 Gary Zirumik[1] Detroit, Michigan 22 School janitor
4 Dennis Freeman[1] Holtville, California 14 Student

Gus Gostomelsky had $11,410 in Monopoly money and $4,895 in property at the end of the two-hour game.[1] Apparently no East Regional championship was held that year.[2]