MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The third MONOPOLY US Championship took place November 22, 1975 in Atlantic City, NJ, USA. Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky won the championship, besting 3 other players.  For winning, he received a clock with a Monopoly board face and a seat in the 1975 World Championship that would take place the next day in Washington, D.C.

Participating Players[]

Place Name Hometown Age Occupation

Anshel E. "Gus" Gostomelsky

(later became the 1975 World Champion)

Skokie, Illinois 39 Accountant
2 Roger Compton[1] Ohio Teacher
3 Gary Zirumik[1] Detroit, Michigan 22 School janitor
4 Dennis Freeman[1] Holtville, California 14 Student

Gus Gostomelsky had $11,410 in Monopoly money and $4,895 in property at the end of the two-hour game.[1] Apparently no East Regional championship was held that year.[2]