MONOPOLY Championship History Wiki

The second MONOPOLY World Championship took place in November 1974 at the St. Regis Sheraton in New York, NY, USA. Alvin Aldridge won the championship, besting defending champion Lee Bayrd, the European champion Gyles Brandreth, and the Eastern regional champ, Jay Walker. According to Sports Illustrated , fewer than 500 were part of the total field of competitors nationwide.

Alvin's prize for winning was a Darrow Cup trophy.

Participating Players[]

Region Winner
Defending Champion (1973) Lee Bayrd - 4th Place
US Midwest Region Alvin Aldridge - World Champion
US East Region Jay Walker - 2nd Place
Europe Gyles Brandreth - 3rd Place

US East Regional[]

The 1974 East Regional was held on September 1, 1974 in the Art and Home Center at the New York State Fair.[1] The regional was won by Jay Walker, and another finalist for the regional was Ray Olsson. Both Walker and Olsson were members of the Ivy League Monopoly group.

Other Regional Competitors[]

Other regional champions were eliminated in a semi-final round that took place earlier. It is unknown to us who they were.